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Table For One Massage Gift Certificate ($60.00)

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When it comes to the power of massage, Reiki and bodywork treatments, there can be no denying that these can provide a powerful boost to your health care regimen.


Whether you are seeking stress relief, a luxurious pampering for yourself or pain management, having a massage, Reiki, or a mixed modalities bodywork treatment is an effective adjunct to self care for men and women alike.


There are many physical and emotional benefits to massage. My treatments consist of a unique blend of long flowing strokes, deep muscular work, gentle rocking, stretching, passive pressure point work and energy balancing.


While the physical benefits are more tangible and easily identified, the emotional benefits can include reducing stress, lessening anxiety and promoting overall well being.  The benefits of massage are often most effective when combined with energy work. Including this treatment into your self care regimen has a huge impact on how healthy and vibrant you will stay.


located in the Cedar Hill area of Victoria near the University Heights Mall


Table For One Massage