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"American Kestrel" by John Mackintosh ($450.00)
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9" X 11"  oil on wood panel


John Mackintosh, a self-taught artist originally from Ontario, has been frequently visiting Vancouver Island since childhood. He was deeply moved by the beauty of what Victoria had to offer his art, with its picturesque scenery and rich vast natural surroundings. He moved to Victoria permanently 13 years ago. He primarily paints with oil, usually on board, but he has worked with many different styles and mediums. His artwork comprises primarily of birds and landscapes. He shares his interpretation of nature's design working to incorporate and accent the sacred geometry we all find ourselves a part of. Through a mixture of realism and subtle abstract-impressionism. He has presented his work at a variety of different venues in Victoria, Toronto and New York.


"Most of my work is done in oil on board and some have been started in acrylic and finished in oil. The majority of my work has originated from my photography. My choice of subject matter has been a constant since the time I picked up a pencil or crayon. Birds and their environment have resonated deeply from a place within. A Robert Bateman book that I regularly perused early in my youth, laid the foundation for my desire to recreate nature through my art. Currently I gravitate towards paintings between the 1600's to 1900's mostly French and Italian schools. Furthering my ability offers endless reward in my experience, as it is always changing and bringing me closer to my core vision of creating."



2004 & 2006 Sidney Fine Art Show, Victoria, BC

2006 The Gallery in the Oak Bay Village, Victoria,BC 2007 Agora Gallery Collective Exhibit, New York

2009 & 2010 Sooke Fine Art Show, Victoria,BC

2013 Lake Country Artwalk, Lake Country, BC

2014 James Bay Art Walk, Victoria, BC

2014 Shoal Point Moka House, Victoria BC

2015 Greater Victoria Library Exhibit "Nature's Design" 2015 Inner Harbor Causeway Artist

2016 Sooke Harbour House Gallery